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      Thank you for visiting our website (http://shiptech.com.vn or http://shiptech.vn ), please take a really comfortable position to move past whatever topic you interest and explore the products and services of SHIPTECH can provide.

      Our products are classified according to type and characteristic features, ST - designed symbols. You can move the position to see and learn more details of each specific product. Please contact us for a free consultation and planning with your product.
    SHIPTECH with many years experience in design of ships and floating facilities. Particularly strong with high speed products : patrol boats, rescue boats, fire boats, pilot boat, port, cargo ships and other types ...
    SHIPTECH assembled a team of professional designers, skilled professional, always looking for art and technical solutions optimized to continuously improve product value. With pioneering motto " Nothing is impossible" .
    SHIPTECH always at the forefront of search technology developers building of ships. Especially successful application of software technologies designed to produce professional capacity. This has contributed greatly to the development of shipbuilding industry in Vietnam .
    SHIPTECH also provides consulting services for building projects up ship, ship model testing and assessment of marine vessels, providing services ship specific equipment is a trusted partner of axes and high performance propeller. Also SHIPTECH act as a consultant to provide independent solution suitable for all ships in operation as well as the conversion of the ship .

    Since its inception in 1993, SHIPTECH has remained on the front line of the maritime community by developing services that exert knowledge on ship design and lead to successful products. SHIPTECH is committed engineering excellence, research, development and reliability.

    Our vision is to be a partner for our clients. Our values and actions reflect a desire to remain attractive for our customers, partners and employees in the long-term perspective."